Email Hosting


Choosing the right platform for your business email hosting is a very important choice. When you purchase your website hosting package, you normally receive a number of email accounts as part of the package. But just how reliable are they?


The standard email options you get as part of your hosting package communicate using the POP3 or IMAP protocols. By today’s standards, they are quite slow to synchronize to your devices (up to 15 minutes). ┬áSo what if you are waiting for that very important email from a client? Also, POP3 is obsolete, it only synchronizes one way, so if you have the account setup on multiple devices, you will only have the email on 1 of those devices, and that device holds your only copy of the email.


Let oncallgeek take care of this and move you away from the sub-standard and migrate you to Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud based email platform. They have a range of plans to cater for individuals who would like to use the platform, all the way to enterprise email environments. Some of the plans also come with access to the latest version of Office to be installed on your PC or Mac. This comes with all updates and future versions as long as you still have a valid subscription.


As oncallgeek is a Microsoft Partner, we can quote and provide the Office 365 subscription you need (after taking a look at your existing environment), all payment for the subscription is taken by Microsoft on a monthly or annual basis. We can also manage your migration and ongoing support and maintenance of your subscription on your behalf (additional fees apply).