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We use our computers every day. Whether we just log on to check our email, play games, keep up with our friends on Facebook or running a business, computers have become an integral part of our lives. So what happen’s when something goes wrong?


Wo do we turn to? Technology has progressed at such a rate that it seems to fix our broken computer it would require someone with a computer degree to get it all running smoothly again.


Who can help?


oncallgeek can help. We have years of experience in all things computer repair. Using the latest technology and diagnostic tools at our disposal we can find the root cause of the problem and can repair your computer with a minimum of fuss and cost. In a lot of cases we can have your computer back to you the next day, if not the same day, depending on the complexity of the repair and whether parts are required to be ordered.


Repairing a computer can sometimes have tricky underlying issues that can get worse over a period of time. Would you leave a car to be repaired in the hands of an amateur? Why would you do the same with your computer, potentially putting all of your precious data at risk in case something goes wrong. Trust the experts and let oncallgeek perform your computer repair.

Some of the issues we normally see are:

  • Slow and sluggish computer performance
  • Computer will not turn on
  • Loss of data on the hard drive
  • Hardware faults
  • Accidental deletion of critical system files
  • Issues with networking

The list above is by no means exhaustive. We have seen and repaired many different kinds of computer problems from the simple to the complex. Let oncallgeek become your trusted computer repair company to ensure your computer runs at it’s peak performance.